Why Drain Camera Inspection is so Important for Drain Cleaning in Leominster , MA?

Drain Camera Inspection

Posted by on April 13, 2017

In the recent past, cleaning the drainage system used to be a big deal because homeowners and plumbers had to wait until a blockage occurs on the drainage pipes. Determining the location and cause of issues in plumbing is expensive, time-consuming and messy. Conventional plumbers used to break drywalls or dig up lawns trying to find and fix the problem. One of the most common forms of access in Leominster, MA is the inspection chamber. In the past, inspection chambers were of large size, made of bricks and iron walls which enabled plumbing professionals or the homeowners to physically get down to the drainage system. Today, the use of inspection cameras has eliminated the need for physical entry into the drains.

Small, full color and waterproof digital cameras are used by plumbers to inspect drainage lines both at home and in the office premises. This technology has become an indispensable way of drain cleaning. A drain camera is simply a small camera that is attached on to a flexible rod and fits most of the drains regardless of bents and curves. After installing the camera, a plumber is able to see, with the help of a screen or a mobile device, what the camera has focused on thus enabling him or her see what is in the drainage system. Homeowners looking forward to contracting plumbers for drain cleaning in Leominster, MA need to find those with drain cameras because of the following reasons.

It shows the exact location and nature of the affected area

A drain camera is capable of showing the length at which the clog has occurred. It also shows the possibility that the pipes are collecting debris which builds into a clog, something that is impossible without the use of the camera. Moreover, drain cameras provide plumbers with valuable information that is used to conduct intensive drain cleaning.

Avoiding serious problems resulting from small ones

The fact that you don’t have any leakage or blockage right now doesn’t mean that your drainage system is doing well. The walls of the drains corrode and develop other minor issues which might not be known to you. These issues can result in leaks, blockages and breakages. A drain camera spots the issues early enough to give you time to make decisions regarding drain cleaning.

Helps in avoiding surprises

At times, you may find out that materials such as small coins and ornaments get washed into the drain but to not get down to the sewer line but rather ends up getting lodged in the pipe. A drain camera allows you to monitor such materials and retrieve them leaving you with magnificently clean drains and unexpected treasure.

Vision and Clarity

It is very vital to conduct regular drain cleaning to keep the drains up and running and to avoid damage resulting from leaks. A drain camera helps you to locate exactly what is in your drains. Proper drain cleaning ensures that homes and workplaces are comfortable and safe to stay.

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