What to Expect from Professional Drain Cleaning in Sarasota?


Posted by on April 13, 2017

Plumbers in Sarasota often get called to fix clogged drains more than any other problem. This makes it one of the top plumbing issues that residents face on a frequent basis. But unfortunately, many homeowners take matters in their hands by trying to use DIY methods which in most cases are ineffective. Chemical cleaners will not work in the event that a serious clog has occurred inside the drains. On the other hand, there is a group of homeowners who will try solving the problem on their own because they often assume that plumbers are disruptive.

If you are like any of these homeowners, you should not worry because the things to expect from a professional drain cleaning service in Sarasota have been listed as follows:

1) Assessment

Before scheduling a professional, take note of all existing plumbing issues in your house. You should not ignore things such as pipe noises because these often provide plumbers with important information pertaining to the problem. The assessment stage will also involve the plumber coming to your premises to ask you questions concerning what you have observed. An inspection will then follow.

2) The estimated cost of the job

Plumbers in Sarasota will issue you with an initial estimate before starting the job. These estimates are usually based on itemized list of the services that will be needed as well as the cost of each service that will be involved. Also, the plumber in question will point out the services which they think will change in the event that the problem turns out to be more complicated than anticipated.

3) Inspection of the drain

With a good understanding of the services needed, the plumber will begin the inspection work to determine where the clog is lying inside the drain. In some cases, the obstruction will be lying closer to the opening, and in this case, the plumber will conduct a visual inspection.

However, if the clog is big and deeply embedded, they may use a video device to locate the size of the clog as well as the position. Once they know the content, size and location of the clog, they can choose the best method to fix that particular problem.

4) Cleaning

At this stage, the plumber will begin the cleaning process. Simple clogs are often removed by hand. Deeply embedded ones are removed by a drain snake. A drain snake is basically an indispensable cable that can snake into the furthest parts of the drain to remove clogs. Also, if the clog is small, the plumber will hook and remove it. If it’s very big, they will break it down and wash it away.

In the event that this clog doesn’t respond to any of these method, a hydro jet tool will be used. This tool makes use of water under high pressure to get rid of clogs. This method is also ideal when the drain is suffering from mineral buildup which is actively preventing the flow of water.

5) Checking again

The video tool will be used to confirm whether or not the clog is completely gone. Any visible build-up will be removed by repeating the steps above.


The plumber will then recommend preventive steps for you. Most kitchen clogs arise from fats solidifying inside the drain when they cool down. So your plumber will ask you to throw the byproducts in a trash can instead. They may also suggest more services that your plumbing system will need to make it even more efficient.

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