Why Gourmet Coffee Store Started Roasting & Cold Brew in East Berlin ?

Cold Brew Coffee

Posted by on November 17, 2017

With a few weeks left for Christmas, people are flooding the streets in their “christmas joy” and their festive vibes. They are not just looking forward to shopping, but also are looking to warm their hands at the same time.

Gloves are passe! People are now warming their hands around a fresh brewed cup of coffee.

More and more people are flooding into Gourmet Coffee stores to get their hands on the latest coffee trend- the roasted cold brew coffee. This latest trend has spread everywhere. From local coffee stores to the major brands.

What exactly is the roasted cold brew coffee?

Have you ever tried a tradition ice cold coffee? A roasted cold brew coffee is similar, yet the opposite. Just like an ice cold coffee is first brewed hot, and then kept aside to cool down, over ice. The roasted cold brew coffee is made by soaking the coffee beans in cold water for about a day. Later they are strained. The process helps in the extraction of extra sweetness, while the bitterness of the coffee remains intact. This also does not affect the natural acidity of the coffee beans.

Thus, for making a beautiful roasted cold brew, time is now replacing heat. The cold brew coffee does not just retain its natural acidity and bitterness, but also the essential compounds. At no time during the processing are the coffee beans exposed to heat. This helps in the maintenance of their originality and their healthy factors as well. They healthy compounds remain inside you cup of coffee and provide you with multiple benefits.

In comparison to a hot brewed coffee, the first “bite” is not present in the cold brewed coffee. In fact, you do not have feel uncomfortable with the bitter acids and oils surfacing on the top of your cup. This is the prime reason why people add milk and cream to their coffee. To soften the bitterness.

Yes, cold brewed coffee also retains bitterness. However, in a subtle way. So your coffee can remain purely coffee. You do not have to worry about the “weirdness” of the first “biting”.

Revolution Cold Brew

Many huge gourmet coffee stores, like Costa Starbuck are now adding to their menus a roasted cold brew coffee. With the big gourmet coffee stores adding it to their menus, many small coffee chains are also replicating the move.


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