When is the right time for the child to get orthodontic treatment?

orthodontic treatment

Posted by on October 16, 2017

Orthodontic treatment is one which involves the use of braces and retainers. Sometimes, our permanent teeth are irregular and do not come out straight. They are misplaced. This problem really needs to be corrected since it results in the smile of a person becoming crooked. In addition, there can be other related dental issues as well which complicate matters. Also, sometimes people who have irregular teeth are made the butt of jokes by those around them. This is an unhappy state of affairs and ideally should not happen. However, such instances are known to take place. This results in the person with irregular teeth losing his or feeling of self-worth and self-esteem. To bring this back to proper levels, it is necessary that a person gets orthodontic treatment done.

What constitutes orthodontic treatment?

Like mentioned above, this comprises the use of braces and retainers. However, orthodontic treatment is a lengthy one. It goes on for more than a year in most cases. Also, it is important to note that this is not done in case of milk teeth. The orthodontist will ask the parents of the child to wait till any irregular milk teeth have fallen off and permanent ones come in their place. Only after all the permanent teeth (other than wisdom teeth) have come, can the orthodontist get into the treatment. One need not wait for the wisdom teeth to come since this may not happen early on in life. Thus, orthodontic treatment usually begins in the early teenage years of a given child in most cases. It is also a misnomer that orthodontic treatment cannot be undertaken by adults. This can be done for adults as well.

Sometimes adults are conscious of wearing braces and retainers since they show very easily to those we are interacting with. However, nowadays invisible braces have also come into the market. Though these are not entirely invisible as the name suggests, but still, they are not as easily noticeable as the traditional metallic braces are. Thus, even adults find it easier to use these since they do not become as self-conscious with them.

What is best about orthodontic treatment is that though it is lengthy, it usually is very much worth the time, effort and money that is spent on it. The correction of the teeth placement usually helps to the extent that the smile of the patient becomes perfect. Also, since the teeth are straightened out, there is not so much of problem in brushing and other cleaning activities of this area. However, care still needs to be taken that the teeth which have become repositioned do not slip back into their previous positions. For this, it is necessary to wear retainers. With retainers, the re-aligned teeth get the time to adjust to their new positions and become permanent there. Thus, there is very little chance of them getting displaced again. Hence, it is more than necessary to use retainers after the braces have been taken out.

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