Tips on How to Get and Manage Google Business Reviews?

Google Business Reviews

Posted by on April 13, 2017

Many businesses these days crave reviews. Not only do they let businesses know how they are doing in the public’s eyes, but they are also an effective form of advertising. There are many tips on how to get and manage google business reviews. Some of those tips are performers, but others are just dead ends. The following is a step by step guide for a company on how to acquire solid google business reviews:

First, Know What to Look Out for

Avoiding the pitfalls of falling for gimmicky ideas on how to purchase reviews is the head space to get into when approaching this process. The truth is, there are companies out there that will generate reviews of the business for a low fee. But this is kind of unethical. Not to mention, it is a transparent practice. Many young consumers know that anyone will say anything to make a buck. So, they look for reviews that are based on genuine experiences, not falsified data. Don’t sully the reputation of one’s company by buying consumers’ love. Also, this money given to false reviewers will only perpetuate a cycle of disingenuous reviews on the Internet. Pretty soon, online reviews will become meaningless to potential clients.

Motivate Current Clients

People who like your company and services will be willing to stick their necks out there for the business, within reason. However, people get busy and very few are organized enough to go online. So, try to save them a bit of time. Ask them to fill out a written form when they come to pay in order that they might be entered into a draw. There might be a brief time where they are waiting in the office, and this is a time to include that paperwork with all the other items needing to be signed.

However, try to make these form check marked boxes with simple sentences. Don’t predict that the customer will like the product if the client hasn’t even taken it home. The form can have a blank space for additional comments.

Do the Hard Work On the Business’ Time

Once the business has this data, they can enter it wherever they need to online. They know exactly where they want the information anyways. The data can be used to create percentage of those surveyed being happy with the service type information. Also, the qualitative comments can be filled into review spots. Keep in mind while the business is doing this, it is unethical to inform the customer that their information is being inputted on an online medium. So make sure to include a check box that the customer can indicate whether they will allow the business to post the review online, and also, whether their name can be used.

It is apparent that there are other roads in terms of data mining for an organization. These can turn very bumpy if the company is not careful. Handle advertising and reviews with integrity in order to gain a loyal following of customers.

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