Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining and Your Business

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

Posted by on May 12, 2017

Boston Winter Causes Major Pipe Problems

February 2016. The guests of the Newton Crowne Plaza Hotel evacuated over the Massachusetts Turnpike due to a major water main break. The hotel’s pipes burst, and water flooded the basement, putting the hotel at risk of an electrical fire. This was just one in the string of bursting pipes that February.

In Boston, firefighters responded to more than 330 pipe burst calls in two days. One of these included an AMC movie theater, where patrons were evacuated into the street. Another was the Stanley Elementary School, where children rushed into the cafeteria after water poured into the stairwell. The damaged required a large crew to clean the mess and forced the school to stop operating for a week.

Hospitals weren’t safe from the pipe damage either that winter. Officials at Kindred Hospital Boston North Shore reported boiler issues and water pipes bursting, which resulted in a few patient areas being flooded. The VA Boston Healthcare campus was also closed due to water damage by pipes bursting in the frigid temperatures.

No matter how much preparation you do, sometimes pipe damage is out of your control. The drastic changing weather caused the damage that put schools on hold and hotel guests on the street. When the temperature went below zero, the frozen water expanded the pipes. The temperature then suddenly rose and thawed out those pipes, forcing it to crack and pour water everywhere.

What To Do About Pipe Damage?

Pipe damage is not only messy business, but it can stop business operation entirely. When a pipe bursts or other damage occurs, a hotel can lose valuable time and curb appeal. Let’s face it; who wants to relax at a hotel with jackhammers digging up the sewer lines? The same goes for schools, hospitals and homeowners. Days of digging can be distracting, not to mention astronomically expensive. When faced with unexpected pipe damage, there’s only one option to turn to- trenchless pipe repair.

At New England Pipe Restoration, we use advanced technology that allows us to fix your pipes in one day without any digging. No longer will your business’s landscape be destroyed with an exposed sewer line. Instead, only two small access points need to be dug. From these access points everything is done using cables and other tools. We offer our Perma Liner trenchless pipe lining system with a lifetime warranty because we believe in its quality.

Not only will trenchless sewer Line repair keep your yard intact, but it will also cut down on your expenses drastically, as you won’t be hiring a crew of men to uproot your sewer lines. In addition, New England Pipe Restoration will have your water running in usually less than a day. For hotels, hospitals and schools, losing even one day of water can prevent operation. Traditional sewer repair systems typically take up to three days to have water running.

Avoid losing business and go with a repair system that cuts down your time and cost. Contact us about how we can help with your plumbing concerns or questions.

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