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Posted by on April 24, 2017

Washington, one of the states in the US has vast residential, industrial and economic growth. The state has a networked pipeline system that helps in supply of water and disposal wastes. In addition, there are storm drains that aid in disposing the wastes and excess water. The storm drains dispose of water which would otherwise cause flooding problems. Flooded residential, commercial and industrial areas lead to business downtime and inefficiency.
The corrugated storm drains are prone to corrosion; the concrete storm drains usually crack then break finally. This makes the drains to be infiltrated with sand. Ground erosion may also take place. Trenchless Storm Drain Repair in Washington is a new technology that has been embraced with an aim of ensuring the repair process of the storm drains is effective and efficient. SPT Plumping Technicians offer high-quality services and to your expectations. Whenever you need to restore your storm drains contact them. The new technology cuts off the extra costs (equipment and labour costs) incurred when the traditional methods were in use.

The Trenchless Storm Drain Repair Process

The technology is efficient and simple. It entails relining the new storm drains and also repairing of the old existing storm drains. Epoxy lining is the commonly used resins. The new storm drains are lined with the epoxy resins to avoid future corrosion. For the deteriorated, old existing storm drains, the Cure-In-Place-Pipe method is used. Epoxy Pipe relining ensures a long-term solution to the breaks and leaks, prevents water damage, erosion of the pipes and mould growth.

The pipes to be lined/re-lined mapped and spot-checked before they are dried with heated and compressed air. The dust and corrosion by-products that may have been collected are then removed using a safe abrading agent that is blown through the pipe system. CIPP method is approved and areas which have heavy weighs for instance the storm drains located under roads, runways or railways employ it.

Trenchless Storm Repair Benefits

Trenchless storm repair has minimal disturbances on the environment. There is less excavation done and hence, the grounds are not cleared or dug to fix the repairs. In addition, the landscape is not tampered with.
The new technology takes only a day to be through. This is important in that the businesses and companies do not face downtime problem.

Trenchless storm drains repair is cost-efficient. There is significant money saving if compared to the traditional method. Thus, the property increases the value once the repair has been done.

The new technology helps reduce corporate cases and disagreements as land isn’t tampered with. The traditional method of having the trenches dug raised lots of disagreements between individuals and the corporate or between the corporate only.

The Epoxy-lined pipes in the storm drains maintain a continuous flow. This helps in preventing soil infiltration and accumulation. Root intrusions are also impeded.

SPT plumbing Technicians are skilled and experienced to meet your expectations and needs. In addition, they are insured, bonded and certified. Contact them today to have the havoc at your place fixed.

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