5 Massage Techniques for Pain Management?

massage therapy for chronic pain

Pain is often thought of as temporary, an uncomfortable result of illness or injury. But, for some people, pain is an everyday occurrence. Massage therapy helps to alleviate or prevent pain experienced as a result of illness or injury. Seeking massage therapy for chronic pain can be a way to combat your aches and pain while avoiding medication and surgery.

Three chronic pain offenders

  1. Back pain

    Lower back pain is the most prevalent chronic condition in North America. Most people experience back pain at least once in their lives. Back pain can be debilitating because many activities rely on core strength and the use of your back. Pain in the neck and shoulders from sitting in desks, and staring at screens, in both work and social life can also lead to chronic back pain.

  2. Hip and leg pain

    This pain is prevalent in women who have given birth to children. A woman’s pelvic floor and hips can become unbalanced, causing her to have hip, pelvis and leg pain. This chronic pain can be relieved by through massaging and relaxing tightened muscles, releasing pressure points or reminding the muscles of their proper state.

  3. Headaches

    Headaches are frequent and are often caused by stress and tense muscles in the neck and shoulders. Massage therapy decreases tension headaches and can help to eliminate sleep disturbances, allowing for more relaxation.

The top five massage techniques are

  1. Longitudinal Gliding

    Longitudinal gliding relaxes tight muscles and assists with blood flow and moving fluids away from an injured area. The therapist massages in the direction of the blood flow to reduce inflammation and swelling around an injured area.

  2. Kneading

    Kneading uses the thumb or the palm of the hand and varying pressure, rhythm and rate to treat the tissue. It works the muscle in a dough-like way.

  3. Myofascial Releases

    Myofascial release is a technique for stretching the fascia, a layer of tissue between the skin and the muscle and bone beneath.

  4. Trigger Point Therapy

    Trigger point therapy is applying pressure to trigger points found throughout the body. Knots in your muscles can also be trigger points and actively worked on.

  5. Swedish Massage

    Swedish massage, developed in Sweden, is a whole body, relaxation massage that helps to flush toxins from your system. It uses a variety of techniques, such as kneading, to reach a state of body bliss.

Receiving massage therapy for chronic pain can combat discomfort by:

  • Relaxing muscles, tendons and joints
  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Shutting the door on pain
  • Targeting pressure points
  • Improving circulation

Your massage therapist is a professional who understands what is right for your body. Chronic pain can stop you from doing activities you want to do. Massage therapy for chronic pain in West Bloomfield, MI can help you get you back to a healthy, pain-free lifestyle.

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