Advantages and Disadvantages of a Lightweight Folding Knife

lightweight folding knife

There are days and times when you really don’t want to haul around that 7-ounce monster you call a pocket knife. It can either be impractical for the purpose or overkill. If you’re heading into an urban area, going multi-night camping, or on a hunting trip, you might be looking for a good, lightweight folding knife.

While there are no exact standards that a knife must adhere to in order to be classed as lightweight, there are a few common features.

What Makes a Knife Lightweight?

A lightweight knife usually weighs in at 3 ounces or less and can strongly resemble a useful money clip.

The blades tend to be between 2 and 4 inches, and of varying steels.

Handle lengths are kept as short as possible while still being usable. Overall, the entire length of these knives will range from tiny, at 5.5 inches, to moderate, at 8 inches. When selecting a knife, make sure you can hold and use it.

Uses of a Lightweight Knife

These aren’t knives meant to be your backup skinning knife or to save you in drastic survival situations. Rather, these are meant to be handy when a sharp blade is useful. Opening boxes, letters, some food prep for those on the trail, or even cutting thin cords are more the speeds of these small knives.

Anglers, campers, hikers, and backpackers can find these types of knives truly beneficial. Office workers, those who spend a good deal of time in urban settings, and first-time knife buyers will find them very practical.


The small size and minimum weight make them perfect for carrying in areas where you need to be discreet. They are available in quality steels, so you’re not sacrificing wear and corrosion resistance or edge retention.

Depending on the maker, they can be as durable as any larger knife, provided you don’t try to use them for jobs outside their weight class.


More than most knives, lightweight ones are highly dependent on the quality of production. If they were poorly made it will show through quickly, so it’s essential that the knife maker has an excellent reputation.

They are small. While that’s the point, they can also be difficult to hold and use, and may cause hand fatigue if you attempt to use them for longer periods of time. People with larger hands will just have a hard time getting a decent grip on them, as well.

Keep in mind your comfort and grip if you go shopping for a lightweight folding knife for sale online. Check the specifications of the knife before purchasing, and make sure that there is a return policy, just in case.

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