Custom Made Suits for Modern Women

It’s been an option for men forever, why shouldn’t it be an option for women too?

For hundreds of years, men have had the option of going to a custom tailor for a suit, blazer, overcoat, or shirts. London’s Savile Row, the most famous custom suiting district in the world, was founded in the 1730s, to give you some idea of how long this has been going on. Presumably, aristocratic men had their tunics and other fancy medieval garb custom made before suits were really a thing, too. 

Until recently this option hasn’t readily been available to women. We’ve had couturiers for dresses and the like, but when it comes to custom suits, women have basically been left out in the cold throughout history. Why? You could put some of it down to suits, blazers, etc., not being fashionable among women until more recently. The demand wasn’t there. But it’s there now, and still, we struggle to find great custom options. 

We shouldn’t struggle to find great customer solutions. Women need luxurious custom wear just as much as men do.
modern women

I wish I had a dollar for every time a female client has told me that they wanted a custom made suit, blazer or tuxedo, but just couldn’t find someone to do it properly. Until they came to us, that is ;). Typically the custom suit companies they approached were geared toward men and had no idea how to fit or style for women. The outcome of this kind of experience has turned many women away from custom wear, unfortunately. 

A big reason why we set up WATSON ELLIS was to cater to female clients. Women look amazing in luxurious custom blazers, tuxedos, suits, etc.. We want more of it! We are passionate about making and designing women’s custom wear, as well as men’s. When you come to us as a woman, you won’t be treated as a second rate customer, which is how many of my clients have been made to feel at male-oriented suiting companies. I know how to work with women’s bodies and how to design in collaboration with women. Our wide range of fabric and design options has been curated with women in mind as much as men, so you’ll be sure to find something that’s perfect for your style.

Making the highest quality women’s custom tuxedos, suits, blazers, overcoats, shirts: that’s a huge part of our company goal. We want women – and all people, really – to feel like exquisite custom wear is a viable option for them, as it has been for men since time immemorial.

Melissa Watson Ellis


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