How To Truly Transform Your Physique

Being overweight can really bring one down. The constant message that we get from the media and society is that thin is beautiful. But the fact is that every shape is beautiful. The problem with being overweight is not a matter of appearance but of health. But getting worked up and worrying about it won’t take you far. What you need to do to lose weight is take action. Step 1 would be to acknowledge that you have a weight statistic that is not normal and is above average. Step 2 would be to make yourself committed to the cause of losing the excess weight and last but not the least, work towards it every day until you reach your goal. If one shows commitment and will, there is a 30 days weight loss diet plan that can help you lose weight just in 30 days!

How Can You Lose Weight In 30 Days?

There is always a way to lose weight in a healthy manner. Drastic weight loss and gain are unhealthy for the body and the person. Such fluctuation in weight can cause an erratic supply of vital nutrients and minerals in the body and can make the person susceptible to more illnesses and diseases. There is a planned and organized way to lose weight by keeping a watch on what do you eat and when do you eat. A simple diet plan to lose weight in 30 days is given below:

1. Accept

The first and most important thing you have to do to lose weight in a month is to accept the fact that you have put on weight or have a few extra kilos in the first place. Maybe you are already overweight and now are facing problems at college or workplace. Whatever the situation is, always know that things will begin to change only when you show signs of acceptance. So, start off by telling yourself that this is how much you weigh at the moment, and there is a goal you have to reach by the end of the month. You don’t have to hate yourself for it. Whatever has happened in the past has happened. There is nothing you could do to change the past, but you can definitely change your lifestyle right at this point and change yourself for the rest of your life.

2. Set Realistic Goals

The second thing you need to do is set goals that are realistic. I know there are a couple of crazy crash diets that assure you weight loss within a day’s time. That is just ridiculous. If a diet plan makes you lose 7 pounds within seven days, it is not good for your health. In fact, it is temporary and might actually make you sick after a point of time. You need to have patience and set goals that make sense. 2-3 kgs a month seem to be a pretty simple goal that can be reached within time and show on your body too. Think that way before you prepare a final chart.

3. Try Cardio

The third thing you need to incorporate into your daily schedule is cardio. Thirty minutes of exercise, five times a week should be enough for beginners. With time, you could go up to 40 minutes of exercise or even more. It all depends on your comfort level. Please remember to stick to your exercise routine. Do not skip your exercise days. Always remember that when you are trying to lose weight, every calorie is going to count. You can start off with a two-minute warm-up and end with a couple of stretches. If you are confused about how you should go about the cardio workout routine, try and use some videos on YouTube. Pump it up and Cassie Ho’s exercise videos are fun and super effective. They will help you burn the calories and lose the weight within a couple of weeks for sure.

4. Stick To Meal Timings

Apart from eating the right kind of food, it is equally important to eat at the right time. Avoid eating dinner later than 8 pm and make sure you are active for some time before you go to sleep after dinner.

5. Watch Your Snacks

Most of the weight gain is due to the snacks we binge on! We give ourselves the liberty to eat anything and everything in between meals. Snacking is not bad, but do try and eat healthy snacks. Replace biscuits with roasted nuts or salads. Reduce caffeine consumption as much as possible.

6. Strength Training

Strength Training is something you cannot afford to miss out while exercising. Once you are done with cardio, spend ten minutes on strength training. Dumbbells would be a great option, but in case you don’t have them at home, try using heavy water bottles instead. Some women also like to sand bottles. That should help in making the working more effective. It will surely get you into shape and tone those arms, abs, and buttocks.

7. Simply Walk

Walking is not an alternative you could use instead of cardio. You should actually use a combination of walking and cardio to lose weight. Do you know how effective that is going to be for you? Walking for 45 minutes in the morning can burn up to 160 calories. If you can walk faster, it would surely help you much more. It will help in boosting metabolism and speed up the chances of weight loss. If you find walking a little boring, simply make a nice playlist consisting of all your favorite party songs, download it on your iPod or phone and listen to it while you walk. That should surely make you look forward to exercising.

8. Climb Stairs

According to several experts, people who climb stairs on a regular basis tend to lose weight quicker than those who don’t. If you could spend five minutes a day simply jogging up the stairs, you are surely going to burn a few extra calories. The best part about running upstairs is that it will elevate your heart rate and get you sweating in no time. You could repeat this five-minute exercise thrice a day and see a change in your body by the end of the month.

9. TV Workout

Now, how many of you have actually heard of this? People say that working out while watching TV is a great way to keep yourself away from staying idle and lazy. Regardless of how much you are walking and exercising throughout the day, doing a couple of jumping jacks, squats, and crunches during the commercial breaks are not going to do you any harm. In fact, it will burn all that you have eaten! This will definitely help you lose three kgs within a month.

10. Eat Proteins

Weight loss is always related to eating healthy. You cannot lose weight by eating unhealthy food. You have to change your eating habits and lifestyle if you want to see a change in your body. Start off by incorporating a whole lot of proteins in your diet. And by that I mean, fruits, vegetables, lentils, eggs and lean meat. Keep mangoes and banana out of the fruit section since they can be a little too fattening. You shouldn’t have more than one banana a day either. Don’t eat sweet potatoes or potatoes since they aren’t that great for your health either. Do not eat more than one egg a day and make sure you keep yourself away from pork and mutton. Beef and chicken are much healthier options comparatively. Lentils could also be a great addition to your meals.

11. No Unhealthy Food

The next thing you need to do is get rid of bad/fried foods from your list. You should stay away from white foods, such as noodles, pasta, and white bread. You can replace this with brown bread or multi-grain brain. Having wheat pasta once in a while is also good. Do not indulge in fried foods from KFC, Mc Donalds, etc. Also, stay away from street foods that are cooked in poor quality oil.

12. Say No To Sugar

Another important thing you must do in order to lose weight is to get rid of sugar. This is an absolute no-no! From cakes to muffins to biscuits and ice cream, they are all your enemies. These items are going to lower your metabolism and stop you from losing weight. Since they are full of calories, it will make you lethargic and bloated from within. Most researchers have also said that sweet dishes and items should be kept away from even during a cheat meal. As long as you are planning to lose weight, remember to keep sugar away from the diet chart!

13. Drink Green Tea

According to experts, drinking green tea helps in losing weight. If you drink 3 to 4 cups of green tea a day, you will be able to boost your metabolism and shed those pounds quicker. It will also help you burn more calories while exercising. And you don’t even have to worry about the calories in this drink because it doesn’t have any. It is as safe as water and is super good for the health. Have a cup in the morning, another cup in the evening with your snack and finally after dinner.

14. Drink Water

If you want to lose weight quickly within a month, then drink 2 liters of water every day. This will flush out all toxins from the body and keep you hydrated at all times. In fact, you should drink a small bottle of water every time you are going to eat. This will actually make you eat less. Drink a whole glass of water after the meal too. In that way, you are going to consume lesser and lesser number of calories and lose more and more weight eventually.

15. Balanced Meals

Are you worried about what kind of meals you should have in order to lose weight within a month? Let me give you a couple of quick suggestions:

Breakfast: Women’s Kellogs with a cup of milk and a fruit/ a bowl of upma/ three idlis and sambhar, two egg white omelet with two slices of brown bread with herbal tea.

Lunch: Fruit salad with spinach and a bowl of dal/one chapatti, two pieces of chicken and vegetable curry/ bowl full of poha with boiled egg.

Dinner: Home-made chicken soup/Brown rice with chicken/ chapatti with vegetable and dal.

Snacks: Cream cracker biscuits/ plain dosa/uttapam.

16. Don’t Eat While Watching TV

Try not to eat while watching the television. It makes you eat more than you actually think. In fact, when you are eating, focus on it and eat slowly. Enjoy every morsel of the food. That will actually help you eat right and eat as much as you need to lose weight.

17. Cheat Once A Week

There should be one time in a week when you should cheat. Try to keep it a Sunday. You could have something you enjoy eating the most. However, do make sure that you don’t overeat that or keep cheating throughout the day. One meal is always enough for that purpose.

18. Drink Coffee Before Workout

One hour before you exercise, you could have a nice cup of warm coffee. Of course, it should be sugar-free! People who have tried this tip have seen a whole lot of changes in their body within a month’s time.

19. Sleep A Little More

One of the greatest secrets of weight loss is good sleep. If you sleep around 8 hours a day, you are surely going to increase the chances of shedding those extra pounds. This is because the body always becomes the best when it rests. If you get rest on a regular basis, weight loss shall be at your finger tips!

20. Don’t Follow Any Crash Diet

Try not to follow any crash diet while trying to lose weight. Always remember that you need to be healthy and protect your body in the long run. If you can keep this in mind, you are surely going to reach those goals sooner than you thought.

21. Stay Consistent And Motivated

The final and most important tip for weight loss is motivation and consistency. If you can manage to follow all the tips that are mentioned above and stay focused on your goals, then nobody can stop you from losing weight.

There are times when our weight gain is due to medical reasons. That is why it is important to rule out any underlying health issue before embarking on a weight loss journey. If your weight gain is due to thyroid malfunction, all these tips won’t really work until you take medication. So check with your doctor.

22. Indulge In One Meal In A Week

Eating healthy does not mean depriving yourself of all things that are yummy! Do not stop yourself from all your indulgences. Once a week, treat yourself with good food that you enjoy, but eat only as much as your stomach can hold. Avoid overeating and make sure your body gets at least 45 minutes of physical workout every day to stay active, healthy and to keep the metabolism levels up.

How Much Do You Really Need To Eat?

We tend to gain weight when we eat more than the body’s daily requirement. To access your daily calorie intake, you might need to consult a doctor, or if you are lucky, you could find an online calculator. The doctor will help you assess your calorie needs by taking into account your daily routine, working style, daily lifestyle habits, food habits, travel patterns and physical activity on a daily basis to name a few. Once you know how much calories you need, the second step would be to plan- what to eat.

Since one needs to limit one’s calorie intake, you need to stick to homemade food as much as possible. Avoid all kinds of packaged food, processed food, and fast food. Eating out and eating out from a packet should be a big NO NO! Also, when you cook at home, use less quantity of oil and use non-saturated fatty oils.

Given here is a list of things you need to follow to keep your weight in control.

  • Raw vegetables, fruits and salads on your plate are the best things you can do to lose weight.
  • Olive oil and soy oil are best for cooking and dressings as well.
  • Boil milk twice over to remove the fat.
  • Avoid too much of desserts, even those made at home.
  • Take herbal tea with honey in your snack time.

Finally, aim to be healthy and not thin! You are beautiful, irrespective of your shape. Once you start feeling healthy from the inside, a little bit of extra fat here and there won’t really affect you. And if you do want to tone your body further, you can always go ahead and hit the gym!

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